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20 Tips On How To Make Your Home Accessible For Disabled People


It’s great when you want to make your home more accessible for the disabled. It can be a lot of work and take a lot of time but it is worth it in the end. If you are thinking about making changes in your home for the disabled then here are 20 tips that will help you get started:

Keep The Hallway Wide

An important part of making your home accessible is to make sure that you have wide enough hallways. A wheelchair can only pass through a hallway that is at least 28 inches wide, and it’s best if you keep them as wide as possible. Additionally, make sure that there aren’t any obstacles in the hallway such as clutter or furniture items like bicycles or coat racks blocking the way. You should also ensure that the lighting is adequate so that those with limited sight can still see what they’re doing when they walk through these areas of your home.

Use Lever-Lift or Bar Handles To Open Doors

Lever-Lifts and Bar Handles

A lever-lift is a type of door handle that can be used by people with mobility issues. The lever part of the handle is pulled down, which then allows you to open the door without having to turn it. You can also use a bar handle instead of a traditional knob if you have trouble turning knobs or pushing buttons on your home’s doors. A bar handle looks similar to an extended U shape, and it attaches directly onto your door’s latch so that when you grab hold of one end, it will allow for easy access into your home or apartment!

Make A Ramp For The Stairs

Ramps are a great way to make the stairs more accessible for people who use wheelchairs. They should be wide enough for the wheelchair, and strong enough to hold it up.

  • Make sure there are no sharp edges on the ramp or surrounding area.
  • Check that your home insurance covers you if someone falls off your new ramp!

Install Walkable Tile Flooring On Stairs

  • Make sure the tile is slip resistant.
  • Use a non-slip mat on the stairs.
  • Use a handrail for support, especially if you’re going down them and have limited mobility in your hands or arms. If you don’t already have one installed, this may be something to consider as well!
  • If there’s too much of a height difference between steps, consider getting some sort of stair lift installed instead of stairs (if possible).

Use A Shower Seat For Disabled People

A shower seat is a useful piece of equipment for elderly and disabled people. It helps to prevent falls, as well as offering a way to sit on while shaving or washing. A shower seat can be used in the shower, bath or on the toilet by people with mobility issues that make it difficult for them to get up from sitting down without assistance.

Add Railing Railings To The Kitchen And Bathroom Sinks.

To make the sink more accessible, you can install a rail that will help you get up and down. Make sure it is high enough to be safe, but not so high that it becomes a hazard by making the sink difficult to use with your hands.

If possible, add grab bars as well so that even if you don’t have mobility issues, they will still provide extra support when washing dishes or brushing teeth.

Install Concealment Devices To Your Door Knobs

If you have a door knob that is too high or too low, or if the shape of your door knob makes it difficult for someone with limited hand dexterity to turn, there are several options available.

Concealment devices can be installed over the existing hardware to make opening doors easier and safer. For example, a knob extender attaches directly over an existing lever handle and allows users with limited strength in their hands (or who have difficulty gripping) to open doors more easily. A kick plate attaches below door knobs with an adjustable height range from 5/8″ – 1/2″, which means it works well on both flat surface knobs as well as ones with raised designs like round cylinders or cross bars. Many models come with matching levers so they match each other aesthetically while providing maximum functionability at every stage of life–from childhood through adulthood into old age!

If installing new hardware isn’t feasible due either financial reasons or aesthetic preferences then consider using some sort of cover – either one made specifically for this purpose (like those mentioned above) or something else entirely such as…

Put Non-Slip Mats In Your Bathroom And Kitchen From Sticky Floors.

Non-slip mats are important for anyone who has mobility issues. They can be put anywhere that is slippery, such as your bathroom or kitchen. Non-Slip Mats can be bought at any hardware store and they come in different shapes and sizes depending on where you need them to go, like under your sink or by the bathtub.

Accessibility is important for disabled people and it’s important that your home is accessible as well

Accessibility is important for disabled people and it’s important that your home is accessible as well.

When you’re designing or remodeling your home, keep in mind that not all disabilities are visible. It’s also important to have a barrier free home so that you can allow anyone who may need assistance with daily tasks or activities feel comfortable in your house. Here are some additions that will help make sure your house is accessible:

  • A ramp leading up to the front door (or one on each side if there are multiple entrances) so wheelchair users can enter easily. If they don’t have their own transportation, make sure there’s ample room inside so they can exit safely without being blocked by furniture or other obstacles like stairs or steep ramps leading up from the driveway outside into living spaces like kitchens or bedrooms upstairs where beds would normally be located near windows overlooking yards/gardens etcetera.”


If you have a disabled person in your family or know someone who does, it’s important that you make their life easier by making your home accessible for them. They will thank you for it and so will everyone else!