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Car Stopped By The Traffic Police? Here’s Why You Should Keep Calm

What Should I Do When I Get Pulled Over By The Police? | PassMeFast

Heart racing at a stealthy traffic cop; the fear of being stopped turns to paranoia. What if my neighbour stashed a body in my trunk? Locked up forever, the cop finds the evidence!

Don’t Worry If the Traffic Police Stop Your Car Contents

You could be asked to pull over to the side of the road for several reasons. Let’s examine what they might be:

Reasons A Traffic Police Could Stop You

  1. Over speeding

Over speeding is one of the most frequent reasons you could be pulled over. These days, speed guns are carried by traffic cops. As their name implies, these gadgets can measure the speed of moving cars. The new traffic laws stipulate that exceeding the speed limit will result in a 1000 rupee fine.

  1. Tinted Glass Examination

In India, heavy window tint is illegal due to safety concerns, especially aimed at preventing criminal activities. Violation results in hefty fines and immediate removal by the police, risking damage to your car’s windows.

  1. Check For Drunk Driving

This is a typical occurrence during the holidays or at night. There is occasionally a good chance that someone will violate the law prohibiting drunk driving. The traffic police may stop you to check the driver’s alcohol consumption.

  1. Check Of Documents

Any road may have a random document check conducted by traffic police. A valid driver’s licence, vehicle registration certificate, pollution under control (PUC certificate) certificate, and car four-wheeler insurance policy should ideally be carried at all times. You will receive a challenge if you cannot provide any of these.

  1. Nakabandi For Particular Purposes

Police may search for individuals or certain kinds of vehicles that they believe may be connected to a crime (yes, this is Crime Patrol stuff!). There is no need to be concerned if you are not the person the police are searching for.

  1. Elections

During election seasons, traffic policies frequently search cars for contraband such as cash, alcohol, or other items. It’s crucial to work with them and give them the freedom to complete their tasks.

How Do You Stay Calm And Organise?

Police officers know they have already agitated drivers when they ask a car to stop. However, as previously stated, they must do it because it is their job. Completing the process is the ideal way to escape this predicament! And refraining from fleeing.

First and foremost, you must drive legally, carry all required documentation especially your driver’s license, registration certificate and four-wheeler insurance, and abide by all traffic laws. This situation is hopeless. *

The process to get car insurance in India online is simple and hassle free. Make sure you do the process for four-wheeler insurance renewal on time. *

Second, everything will work out as long as you work with them. Despite your anxiety, do as they say and turn in the paperwork.

Inform them right away if you’re still panicking. They are not there to frighten people but to keep them in check!

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